More than an ordinary workplace

Mobile Heights Center is more than an ordinary workplace. It’s a workplace that has been specially adapted for the specific needs of innovative operations. Mobile Heights Center is located in the area known as Brunnshög. This is where industry, academia and the local authorities collaborate to create new, smart business solutions.

New ideas are rarely the result of a single person’s thoughts. On the contrary, successful business concepts are built on collaboration and cooperation. That’s why we’ve made extra efforts to create environments that promote cooperation and we invite everyone to use the lounge areas, coffee bar and restaurant to discuss their thoughts and ideas. Start-ups and MNCs alike – there’s room here for everyone. Even more opportunities are available if you’re interested in leasing office space.

Start-ups and MNCs alike – there’s room here for everyone

Mobile Heights Center offers office space tailored to your particular needs – from start-ups only requiring a desk, to very large companies that need thousands of square meters of office space. Here, your company will be able to grow and develop regardless of its size.

Access to a unique network

Mobile Heights Center offers a unique, innovative environment. We’ve been developing mobile communication here already for many years. It’s no coincidence that Mobile Heights Center is situated in Skåne, in the city of Lund. That’s because here there is access to unrivaled competence representing the entire value chain – from hardware and antennae manufacturers to software developers. There is no other place like it in the world.

If you choose to set up your business at Mobile Heights Center, you’ll get some great neighbors as part of the deal. Already located here in the building are Sigma Connectivity, Sigma Industry, Tech Mahindra, Anoto, MAPCI, Precise Biometrics, ProstaLund and Mobile Heights. Sony Mobile and Ericsson are in the buildings just next door.

Are you curious about what Mobile Heights Center has to offer for you? Contact us if you’d like to learn more or have us show you around the area.

If you want to know more about Mobile Heights Center, please download our pamphlet:
Startup or MNC – there’s room here for everyone

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